What our client like most about our program

“One learn how to improve our self to reduce the cholesterol”
Staff from GREIF on Cholesterol Reduction program

"The lively presentations in the health program"
Staff from Pratt and Whitney Services on 5 weeks to wellness

"Knowledge gained on eating right and lifestyle changes to stay healthy"
Staff from Eagle Services Asia on Stress Management program

"(I like) that I get to combine dancing and exercise together"
Staff from Trans Equatorial Engineering on Latin- Xcise classes

"Instructor is knowledgeable and make every effort to correct our pose and posture"
Staff from Pratta and Whitney Services on Yoga classes


Clients List

- Arkema Pte Ltd
- Bedok Police Division
- Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore
- BD Medical
- BP Singapore Pte Ltd
- Changi Prison Complex
- Cheong Lee Leong Seng Co Pte Ltd
- Chinese Swimming Club
- Civil Service College
- Clementi Police Division
- Combustor Airmotives Services Pte Ltd
- Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd
- Conoco International, Inc.
- Eagles Services Asia Pte Ltd
- Energizer Singapore Pte Ltd
- Ethylene Glycols (S) Pte Ltd
- ExxonMobil Chemicals Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
- Genetech Pte Ltd
- GREIF Singapore Pte Ltd
- Hamilton Sundstrand Pacific Aerospace
- Health Promotion Board
- Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
- Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd
- Kato Spring (S) Pte Ltd
- Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
- Kuraray Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
- Land Transport Authority
- Le Meridien Orchard Hotel
- Leica Instruments (S) Pte Ltd
- Louisiana QSR Pte Ltd
- Maybank
- MFM Resources Pte Ltd
- MFM Restaurants Pte Ltd
- Ministry of Home Affairs
- MMI Holdings Ltd
- Natsteel Asia (S) Pte Ltd


- Obayashi Corporation
- Oil Spill Response Ltd
- People's Association
- Poval Asia Pte Ltd
- Pratt and Whitney Canada (SEA) Pte Ltd
- Pratt and Whitney Services Pte Ltd
- PSC Corporation Ltd
- Rockwell Collins SE Asia Pte Ltd
- Rohr Aero Services- Asia Pte Ltd
- Sanden International (Singapore) Pte Ltd
- SATS Security Services
- Schering-Plough Ltd
- Seagate Technology International
- Seiko Instruments Pte Ltd
- Sembawang Shipyard Ptd Ltd
- Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd
- Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
- Singapore Land Authority
- Singapore National Employers Federation
- Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd
- Singapore Zoological Gardens
- SM Summit Holdings Ltd
- Special Operations Command
- Starhub Pte Ltd
- STMicroelectronics Pte Ltd
- Systems on Silicon (SSMC)
- Tanglin Police Station
- Toyota Motors Asia Pte Ltd
- Trans Equatorial Engineering Pte Ltd
- Turbine Overhaul Services Pte Ltd
- UMW Equipment and Engineering Pte Ltd
- Unigold International Pte Ltd
- Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (S) Pte Ltd

Thank you for choosing us to provide health screening and interventions program for you! We look forward to working with you in the years ahead.

Why YOU should choose us as Your Service Provider

We have over 20 years of experience in running and designing wellness programmes for corporate clients in Singapore.

We have a dedicated team of qualified professionals that include medical doctors, dieticians counsellors and fitness instructors.

We have a network with leading international consultants from USA and Australia.