Jointly produced by Studio Elpizo and Youngberg Wellness Centre, Wellness Minute is a 1-minute podcast on health and wellness tips presented by Dr. Eric Teo (director of Youngberg Wellness Centre).

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3rd Quarter 2011

No. Description Audio
1. How much water is enough? Listen
2. What is it important to drink enough water? Listen
3. How much water do we lose a day? Listen
4. Why do we need sunshine? Listen
5. More benefits of sunlight! Listen
6. Why are the benefits of fresh air? Listen
7. Are you getting enough sleep? Take this checklist to find out. Listen
8. Can lack of sleep make you sick? Listen
9. More benefits of sleep! Listen
10. What happens to our body while we are sleeping? Listen
11. Can lack of sleep make you fat? Listen
12. What is moderate intensity workout? Listen
13. What are the many benefits of exercise? Listen
14. Can fiber help with controlling diabetes? Listen
15. What does 30g of fiber look like? Listen
16. Simple ways to increase fibre intake Listen
17. 7 habits of highly healthy people! Listen
18. Risk factors for heart disease Listen
19. Ways to reduce dietary cholesterol Listen
20. What is cholesterol? Listen
21. What is LDL cholesterol? Listen
22. How to lower LDL? Listen
23. What is HDL cholesterol? Listen
24. Are all fats bad? Listen
25. Where can we find saturated fat? Listen
26. What is hydrogenated fat? Listen
27. What are the sources of healthy fat. Listen
28. Why eat breakfast? Listen
29. Benefits of eating breakfast for children. Listen
30. How does breakfast help in weight control? Listen
31. Tips for healthy breakfast. Listen
32. Do you know that 1 in 3 deaths in Singapore is due to heart disease or stroke? Listen
33. What is a "healthy" heart? Listen
34. How can we prevent heart disease? Listen
35. What factors are most dangerous to the health of our heart? Listen
36. Some questions to ask yourself to know if you are at risk of heart disease. Listen
37. Are there risk factors that are not within our control? Listen
38. How can we manage our blood pressure? Listen
39. What can we do to ensure we have a healthy blood pressure? Listen