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Our Workplace Health Promotion Programme aims to create a healthier workforce, lower health cost and improve organisation's productivity and efficiency. We are able to design a customize program to meet your unique needs whether you are a MMC or SME. read more

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Our School Health Promotion Programme aims to educate and empower both students and staff to lead a healthier lifestyle. read more

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Creative Workplace Programme

read more



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The NEWSTART Lifestyle program is an 18 days health recovery program designed to prevent and reverse disease through natural methodsread more

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It is the goal of the NEWSTART Club to help NEWSTARTers enjoy the NEWSTART principle. read more


Doing our part for the community.. read more
One stop service

You wouldn't need to outsource and liaise with different vendors anymore since we provide one stop service which includes design, promote, implement, evaluate and liaising with HPB for grant, award and reimbursement application.


SMS Promotion and Reminder Services

Participation matters. We offer mass SMS promotion services to help spread the word of upcoming health programs, Information such as date, time, venue, topic and name of speaker are usually given to participants in advance to encourage participation.